New York's Real Wealth Producers are Hungry for Paid Family Leave

Huffington Post—This was the winter of discontent for New York’s parents.  Strep, sub-zero temps, tantrums. Then Andrew Cuomo declared he had no appetite for paid family leave. The governor may be a glutton for women’s equality.  Still, there’s only so much equalizing one can do.  He had just unveiled a new policy to address the growing crisis of sexual assault on college campuses.


But where has he been?  The United States is the only advanced economy without a national paid-leave law.  Only three states—California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island—offer this critical support for working men and women.  Even Human Rights Watch has noticed, citing America for failing its families in a scathing report a few years back.  In the latest edition of Expecting Better, a report card issued annually by the National Partnership for Women and Families, not a single state merited an “A.”  California took home an A-minus, New Jersey, a B-plus, and New York, a lackluster B-minus.

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