Jillian Best Adler's Ode to Black Children

“When you undermine the dreams of the children, you undermine the nation,” the Reverend William Barber II declared at the People’s March in Washington, DC, on July 8.  Jillian Best Adler, mother and early childhood educator, is guarding those dreams.


A quality improvement coordinator at the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children, she provides coaching and training at childcare centers and preschools in the Philadelphia region.  With her sister, Alison, she presides over The Best Sisters: Tales of Caffeinated Parenting, a Facebook page aimed at destigmatizing the challenges of parenting young children.  Her “Ode to Black Children,” is adapted, with permission, from a posting at her own Facebook page.


By Jillian Best Adler

Today I saw black children taking a nap under fuzzy blankets at daycare,

black children dribbling basketballs down the sidewalk,

black children riding bikes in the street, black children splashing in wading pools in their yard,

black children running into the corner store,

black children bored and sweaty on the porch,

black children crossing the street listening to music on headphones,

black children playing with super soakers with their mom,

and black children being pushed in strollers.


All of these children deserve to be loved, appreciated, accepted, safe, and protected by the police.

And when they get older and bigger, when they get tall and their muscles stand out,

when they wear their pants low and don’t have anyone to braid their hair,

when they drive cars and can’t afford or find the time to fix broken tail lights,

when they get jobs and start families,

when they buy guns to feel protected from criminals,

they will still deserve to be loved, appreciated, accepted, safe, and protected by the police.


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