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Susan Ochshorn
Policy curator, human capital nurturer, and social change addict

Why ECE Policy Matters

In his youth, Albert Einstein spent a year loafing aimlessly. You don't get anywhere by not "wasting" time—something unfortunately, that the parents of teenagers tend frequently to forget. 
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,
 Carlo Rovelli 

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Hillary Clinton's Family Values It Takes a Village

Hillary Clinton's Family Values: It Takes a Village

Huffington Post—Clinton is the smartest, sanest, and most experienced one in this horrifying political nightmare. And she knows her child development. Long before adverse childhood experiences entered the lexicon, and @acestoohigh became a Twitter handle, she understood the impact of toxic stress. She needs to be nimble, her heart open, policy responsive, and ear to the ground on the seismic changes of our time... Read Full Article →


Whole Leadership: What's it Mean to You?

Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of talking about some of the big questions in ECE policy with Teri Talan, of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership. In our final chat, we reflected on the concept of "whole leadership.” You can check out the full series here.


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