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Susan Ochshorn
Policy curator, human capital nurturer, and social change addict

Why ECE Policy Matters

"The US has one of the most productive economies in the industrialized world. Yet it fails to excel on many of the dimensions Americans claim to prize most highly. Not surprisingly, American parents also turn out to be more dissatisfied, relative to their counterparts in other countries, with the time they have available for their families."
(Janet Gornick and Marcia Meyers, Families that Work

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Book Talks about Squandering America’s Future

Squandering America's Future was the July selection for the new online book club of the National Center for Children in Poverty. Check out Susan's conversation on poverty and the achievement gap with Renee Wilson-Simmons here.

Join this first of four policy video chats with Susan and Teri Talan of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership, at National Louis University, on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization and early childhood.

Susan and Rima Shore will be talking about "The Importance of Play: How to Make a Powerful Case to Parents, School Leaders, Policymakers" at the 2015 conference of the Progressive Education Network in NYC, October 8 to 10. Register →


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