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Why ECE Policy Matters

"The US has one of the most productive economies in the industrialized world. Yet it fails to excel on many of the dimensions Americans claim to prize most highly. Not surprisingly, American parents also turn out to be more dissatisfied, relative to their counterparts in other countries, with the time they have available for their families."
(Janet Gornick and Marcia Meyers, Families that Work

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Boy Reading Books

Are We Hurting Kids at School?—New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been crowing about his prekindergarten initiative, and rightly so. But one of his comments didn't sit right with me. The city was planning to use the Common Core curriculum with four-year-olds. A child who's had the benefit of a full day of rigor, he assured us, would be imbued with a great love of learning... Read Full Article →


Book Talks about Squandering America’s Future

This Fall, the Stanford Social Innovation Review posted to its digital edition an excerpt from "The Yin and Yang of Education Reform," one of the "policy tales" in Squandering America's Future. Arne Duncan, who leaves his post as U.S. Secretary of Education in December, is a major protagonist. Have a look.

Join this second of four policy video chats with me and Teri Talan of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership, on how the early childhood field should shape its message for politicians during the presidential campaign.

Susan Arbetter hosted me for an exciting conversation about Squandering America's Future at the Capitol Pressroom at WCNY Radio. Listen up →


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